Exchange your job with other Europeans of same profession for a defined period, join a wide community and live wherever you want in Europe the way locals do.

The European dream for all
Work and travel in Europe

Why going abroad ?
opportunities abroad suiting both your own skills and expectations
swapping your home, flat or bedroom with your european counterpart
at any time (legal, insurance, transport, housing, local life/ tips)
Find easily
Save money
Get full support
hundreds of beta-swappers that already want to make this happen
learning easily Esperanto with our dedicated tool and join local communities and events
while living and working abroad the same way locals do
Overcome language barrier
Experience Europe
Change your life and horizon !
If you are a small or large company, a training center or a territorial collectivity, we can also bring the European dream to your collaborators or apprentices. Be a part of the movement ! Learn more about partnership opportunities.
Paris, France
As the most visited city in the world, Paris attracts more people every year. Want to live as a real Parisian ? There are more than 30 000 hairdressers in Paris. One might want to discover your country….let's propose him a swap.
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Copenhagen, Denmark
More into bicycles than into cars ? Take a break far away from massive traffic jams in Copenhagen #bicyclecapitalofthenorth. Bartender or cooker ? Numerous bars and restaurants of the danish capital would be glad to host you for a while....let's search for your next destination.
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Patras, Greece
Waiting for summer too long already ? Tired of long and harsh winters ? In Greece, the average temperature is 10°C in January....just saying….want to tan a bit….swap your job, swap your climat.
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Why did we create Senlimo ?
We were so sad to see that most opportunities to work and live abroad in Europe are usually dedicated to the same type of students and workers. Building a more inclusive and united Europe is what drives us everyday.

We wanted a solution designed for technical, manual and remote workers without any compromise on quality, safety and user experience. We are constantly listening to your thoughts and aspiration to keep making European mobility available for everyone.
It was difficult to find job opportunities abroad suiting both my skills and expectations…sometimes some options were nice but locations, dates or duration were not what I was looking for.
I don't speak any foreign language and I don't have much time to learn one. It has always been a strong barrier and regrets for me.
Finding accomodation abroad was troublesome and time-consuming. I found many scams on my way when I was just looking for a place to sleep.
On the spot it was very difficult to connect with locals, to find activities and to make friends. Culture differences are real. It took me a lot of time to bridge this gap and to break the ice.
Malena, English teacher
Alexandre, hairdresser
Lena, bartender
Jordan, gardener
Daria, cook
Most offers I got were low paid or unpaid internships. Unfortunately, with my budget, without any salary, staying abroad is way too expensive for me.
Senlimo is a unique and authentique way to experience Europe for technical, and manual workers.
How does it work ?
Find people with complementary wishes
(people are already waiting for you)
Swap your job and accomodation for the agreed duration
Get full support to reach an agreement with the other beta-swapper and your own employer
Live your European dream
Design your ideal expatriation in Europe (Location, Duration, Climat etc...)
Create a profile and precise your job
They share our values
You share our values, ideal and mission ?
You wish to support a social, inclusive and pan-European initiative ?

Find below all ways you can help us with… Any help is for us a boost full of your energy. It will drive us even further and faster to reach our goal: a more inclusive and united Europe for all.
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